‘Attack on Titan’ Game to Hit Western Audiences in August 2016

Three years.

That’s how long it’s been since the 25 episode anime frenzy of the first season of Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin, for the more purist bilinguals out there).

Three years since we were introduced to the grotesque Titans and their human prey. Three years of having to walk around with that epic cliffhanger from the season finale looming over us.

But it looks like 2016 may be the year that we finally get some closure.

After its release, the anime went on to win multiple awards, including Title of the Year, Best Script, and Top Female Character (no surprise there, because duh: Mikasa Ackerman).


General consensus in the news and online community suggests that season 2 may be released towards the end of this year. And if that’s not enough to make us rewatch all 25 episodes before then…then the release of the Attack on Titan game in August surely is.

Having already broken into the Japanese market with a positive reception, the game will now make its way towards Western audiences on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

Judging from the announcement trailer, Koei Tecmo (who brought us the likes of the Dead or Alive series and the anime-based game version of One Piece) seem to be trying to retain as much as possible of the original anime in terms of plot, character design and general aesthetics, retaining the stylistic nuances that made both the anime and the manga such a smash hit with fans.


If there’s one thing we remember from Attack on Titan (besides the bloodspatter), it was the incredible combat mechanics.

The Vertical Manoeuvring System employed by the Survey Corps and other military branches make use of gas-powered ziplines and chargeable blades, giving members the versatility of complete multi-directional combat in their skirmishes against the Titans. And excitingly, this looks to be a massive component of the gameplay, as players make use of the VMS in an intricate system of grappling, pulling and pushing against walls, trees…and of course, the Titans themselves.

If you’re familiar with the anime or the manga, you’ll remember that Eren, Mikasa and their group of friends join the military to protect humanity from the Titans. Many of them enlist in the Survey Corps, whose task is more offensive than any of the other military branches, requiring members to venture out into Titan territory to attack and reclaim land.

In this, too, it appears that the game stays true to the anime as the announcement trailer depicts Titan takedowns and missions set amidst trees and hills, allowing characters to relive moments from the original manga and anime in gameplay!

And if there’s one other thing we remember…it has to be the cold, emotionless, neat-freak Lieutenant Levi.


Well? We’ll have to wait until the release to decide for ourselves, but something tells me there will be very little standing around and watching once we get our hands on this game…

Check out the announcement trailer for yourself here.

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