Release the C’Thun! Why Everyone Is Talking About The New Hearthstone Expansion

If you are not yet familiar with any of HP Lovecraft’s work, Hearthstone‘s new expansion deck Whispers of the Old Gods will soon get you acquainted. Moving away from the Disney-meets-Indiana-Jones feel of the last expansion, League of Explorers, this time around Blizzard has given us an expansion that is much darker in style, and will certainly shake things up with a barrage of new cards, including four new legendaries, the Old Gods themselves: C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj and N’Zoth.


But before we get into the cards themselves, there’s some other important news on the horizon. With the new expansion, Blizzard has also introduced a new Standard Format. What was previously known as ‘Ranked’ games, will now be separated into two brand new formats:

  1. Wild Mode. This is pretty much the old ranked version of a game. Every card from Hearthstone‘s past, present, and future will be playable in this format.
  2. Standard Mode. It looks like Blizzard is making this format their focus, as all official tournament matches will take place in this mode. Only cards from the last calendar year are playable in Standard Mode. Currently, this means that only the Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes expansions will not be playable in the new Standard Mode.

And while there are loads of new cards coming up, there’s only one that is dominating all of our thoughts right now: enter C’Thun.


C’Thun is a new 10 mana 6/6 Lengendary…and he is here to stay! C’Thun will be free for all players during the special login promo period, making sure that no one will miss out on this guy’s devastating powers. These powers do not stem entirely from C’Thun himself, but how he interacts with other cards, and decks as a whole, giving him incredible versatility, depending on a player’s particular deck build, and how they plan to make use of C’Thun’s interactive cards and abilities.

C’Thun not only directly interacts with 16 (yes, that’s right, 16!) new cards, but can also be buffed by other cards before being played! That is going to make for some crazy plays and will require some heavy counter-strategy in decks where C’Thun makes an appearance.

So, while this new Legendary will certainly open up the field of deck building, here are a few cards that could prove beneficial to team up with C’Thun:

  • Brann Bronzebeard: with Brann’s double battlecry ability, paired with C’Thun, this combo could potentially mean dealing up to a staggering 20 damage as soon as C’Thun is played. However, the high mana cost of both cards would mean it would most likely be a late game play. Either way, something to consider…
  • Innervate: those two additional mana crystals would mean being able to put C’Thun into play  that much faster. And if your deck happens to have two Innervates, well, C’Thun could be nasty surprise for any opponent who was banking on seeing him late-game.
  • Aviana: this could be the card that changes it all around for C’Thun, the reduced mana cost of minions opening up the possibility for an earlier Brann/C’Thun combo, but also a myriad of other opportunities to use C’Thun earlier in the game.
  • Shadowstep: and just when they thinks it’s all over…C’Thun returns. And if he’s been at all buffed during the game…he returns to your hand in boosted state! Need we say more?
  • Other cards will be released in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion that directly relate to C’Thun. Cards like Twilight Elder and Beckoner of Evil can be that single drop of water needed to overflow the cup, and drown the hopes of your opponent!

There’s also been some speculation whether it’s even worth building an entire deck around C’Thun, given that the 16 cards he interacts with are mostly buff cards, and solely using those would leave little to no room for anything else. Problematic to say the least, especially if C’Thun is lurking somewhere at the bottom of your deck, rendering all those buff cards practically useless…

What we do know is that Whispers of the Old Gods will be a game changer. What we don’t know right now is just how much of the game will change with these new additions. But we can’t wait to find out!

What are you most excited to pair C’Thun up with, or have you already devised an epic counter for this tentacled terror? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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