The Division – Beta Dates Finalized


The Division Beta will launch tomorrow on Xbox one, join us at our Twitch channel for a full playthrough, interact and we’ll show you whatever you need to know or want to see.


It’s Almost Time

With The Division Alpha safely tucked away in the memories of participating Xbox one players, never to be spoken of, we assert our gaze forward. The beta for Tom Clancy’s : The Division is finally nearly upon us. Xbox One players who enjoyed the Alpha will get another crack at it and PS4 and PC players will finally be able to get their hands on this much anticipated shooter for the first time. The Beta will kick off on 28 January for Xbox One players and 29 January for PS4 and PC participants and run through until 31 January 2016.


Attention to detail really makes a difference

Ubisoft recently outlined what to expect from the beta on their blog, stating : “Beginning on Manhattan’s Chelsea Pier, the beta will take you through early story-driven missions that establish your foothold in New York. You’ll team up with other agents to battle for loot and outwit other agents in the PvP-enabled Dark Zone.” It’s safe to say, if you played the alpha, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Finding yourself itching for a beta key? Well, there are two ways to get into the closed beta at this stage. You can pre-order the title for guaranteed access, or you can sign up for a spot on the waiting list here and hope for the best.


Hoarders Season 29

For those unaware at this stage The Division is an open world cooperative shooter set in a realistic recreation of Manhattan ( excluding Brooklyn at launch however this may become available as DLC at a later stage. ) Now if any of you are slightly confused about what an “Open World cooperative shooter” is exactly, I don’t blame you. Basically, think Destiny except with one large cohesive world. Is it a shooter or and RPG? It’s both, in most ways. It’s a 3rd person shooter when you’re running and gunning enemies, it’s an RPG when the numbers representing the damage you’re doing pop’s above their heads. It’s a shooter when you’re aiming down your rifle scope for that perfect headshot, it’s an RPG when that headshot gives you some bonus damage and the xp gained from the kill levels you up. Gun’s have your typical green, blue, purple loot scheme and there is a slight tinge of a class system when it comes down to different skills making it more plausible for you to be the “healer”, “tank” or “attacker” of your little group. For the most part The Division will see you teaming up with 1-3 of your friends ( or solo if you choose ) and fighting npc’s while playing through a strong storied narrative. Then there’s the Dark Zone, an area filled with betrayal and some great loot. The Dark Zone will be the pvp zone of The Division, an area that will be populated by stronger npc’s as well as other players. Players will also be able to “go rouge” and kill other players in order to steal the loot they worked hard to collect.


Open World Cooperative Shooter it is then.

The Division will also feature extensive weapon modification through various mod slots per weapon and a as of yet untried crafting system. Stay tuned for more news on The Division and all things gaming. Our review of The Division will be up shortly after launch on 8 March 2016.

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