Heroes of the Storm – Tournament Time

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The First of Many

30 January 2016 will mark the first ever Weekly Level Up Gaming tournament. Branching out into eSports we aim to bring some fresh ideas to the scene. Starting with a range of “practice” tournaments in South Africa, continuing into official qualifiers and larger tournaments later this year in various games and finally moving to a range of international tournaments by next year.

Here’s a quick look at the event as well as tournament structure.


Venue : Games On! Gaming Lounge

Address : Riverside Mall, 135 Main Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

Live Stream : Weekly Level Up  from 12pm January 30th

Main Event : Heroes of the Storm “Practice” Tournament

Gear : Gaming Rigs will be on site for use in this tournament – Courtesy of Games On! Gaming Lounge

Structure : 5 v 5 Single Elimination

Matches : Best of five – Open Hero Selection

Applicants : Anyone from full beginner to seasoned pro welcome, the more the merrier. You could even end up making a name for yourself. Single Entry applicant will be placed in randomly matched teams of 5 and given a few minutes to decide on a team name and get to know their new teammates. Recruiting for the first Weekly Level Up eSports team is open, some scouting will take place on the day.

Pre-Registration : http://bit.ly/1OPZdHT

Registration : 10am @ tournament venue January 30th.

Tournament Start Time : 11 – 12pm Depending on matchmaking.


Get geared up and test your mettle for the upcoming tournament season 

Side Quest : Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament

Battle.net Listing : Fireside Gathering

Gear : Bring your own device. Laptop or iOS devices to be brought by entrants.

Structure : 1 v 1 Single Elimination – Fireside gathering : Players may play casual games throughout the day at any time at own accord.

Matches : Best of five, a deck list of 3 decks to be supplied prior to each match. Decks may not be altered mid match under any circumstances. Entrant must win one match with each deck in order to advance. Losing entrant may replay the same deck until a victory with that deck is achieved.

Applicants : Anyone from full beginner to seasoned pro welcome, the more the merrier. You could even end up making a name for yourself.

Pre-Registration : http://bit.ly/1P64j2J

Registration : 10am @ tournament venue January 30th.

Tournament Time : 12 – 12:30pm Depending on Heroes of the Storm Tournament start time.

Prize pools for both Tournaments to be announced soon! Stay tuned!

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[UPDATE] Due to personal financial reasons one of our main sponsors have had to pull out for this event. You can help make this event as special as it should be :


For more info or just to get in touch check out Weekly Level Up on Facebook or check the Facebook event page. We hope to see many of you there!

Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for more news and gaming from Weekly Level Up.

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11 thoughts on “Heroes of the Storm – Tournament Time

    1. TK, there is always a chance 😉 keep an eye out here and on Facebook, I honestly can’t say yet if it will or won’t be. However we are doing a bunch of events this year and the next tournament is going to be a much bigger one. Keep an eye on the site and Facebook.


  1. This is going to be a great experience. First time doing one of these events or might I say any event like this. “I’ll be your overseer for today, how may I assist you” 😛


    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately not in terms of prizes, we will be posting a more things this week as we lead in to the tournament. However at this stage a cash prize is quite unlikely. It is more likely to be hardware and giftcards and the like. Our next tournament in march/april will be a cash prize tournament however so stay tuned!


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