The Division Xbox One Beta – Delayed!


Should’ve seen this coming.

In an announcement yesterday, that really we should have expected, Ubisoft informed that the early access Xbox One only beta for the much anticipated Tom Clancy’s : The Division has been pushed back to “early 2016”. The beta will now be run in conjunction with the PS4 and PC beta dates. All is not lost for a lucky few however as Ubisoft announced at the same time that the early access beta would now be replaced instead with a Xbox One only alpha test to a select few that pre-ordered the game.


We were so ready

The alpha will however run with an NDA ( non-disclosure agreement ) that will prohibit any testers from sharing any images, video or information about the game anywhere other than on the alpha forums. The closed beta in early 2016 will still remain open to all who pre-order the game before then. This alpha will also mark the first time anyone will get a chance to play the game outside of the Darkzone pvp areas.


Pack your things and go on holiday

The alpha will come in at 23.3Gb and invites to participate have started going out yesterday on December 7th. At time of writing the March 8 2015 release date for The Division still stands. How do you feel about this latest delay? Let us know in the comments below.


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