Final Fantasy VII Remake – The Gamble

Hit or miss? We’re going to have to wait and see.


In the closing moments of Sony’s event at E3 2015 we saw just a glimpse of possibly one of the most exciting announcements of the year. Final Fantasy VII, the long time fan favorite and arguably one of the best if not the best title in the series, would be getting a brand new remake. A full do-over. In the months since the announcement information on the game itself has been scarce. With that being said, the little we have learnt about the game can drum up mixed feelings in it’s long time fan base. From the general art direction exciting the masses to announcements about¬†tampering with the story and gameplay scaring the general fan base somewhat.


“Full of Promise”

Now that Playstation Experience 2015 is done we finally have slightly more information, a new video and some screenshots, and as before, it’s a mixed bag of feelings.

We can’t imagine that a single fan could keep their excitement hidden during the just over 2 minute video showcasing, for the first time, some gameplay from the upcoming title. The short clip brought back so many memories of playing this amazing game for the first time. From the immaculately re-created iconic first scene at the train platform to that first boss fight Cloud and Barrett teamed up on.

“About Time”

Then they started speaking about the game. As I was listening to the information slowly slip out, I could feel the excitement drain from my mind. Ever so slowly it was being replaced by nerves as the announcement hit that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would be released as a “multi-part series”. With little to no further information on what that means, we’re left to our own best guesses. Considering recent trends of episodic content release as well as the 2008 episodic release of Final Fantasy IV : The After Years, we can probably safely guess that this means Final Fantasy VII The Remake will be an episodic release as well. So why is this bad?


A different world in HD”

It’s isn’t necessarily, it is however, scary. With so much on the line considering the amount of fan love for Final Fantasy VII and how long said fans have been waiting for this remake, all of these tampering choices are scary. Most fans would have been completely happy with exactly the original just with completely new physics and graphics. Whereas all the choices could pay off, it also makes us very nervous. In the original Final Fantasy VII some of the best aspects at the time was the sheer scope of the game, the time it took to finish and the massive open world with many choices, side-quests and hidden little gems. From hidden characters to the ultimate weapons.


“Ultimate Weapon Time”

From Chocobo breeding and racing to finishing the battle arena and unlocking omnislash. The single, large, cohesive game world was one of the best aspects of the original. How will going episodic affect this? We don’t yet know. They may structure it so perfectly that you don’t even notice. Or they may remove much of what we love and turn into more of a retelling of the tale than a remake. Either way, we can’t help but feel the only reason for this choice would be a financial one. And suddenly something that felt so much like pure fan service, starts feeling like capitalizing on our past love.

With all this in mind, we’re still very excited for this title, albeit rather nervous. We can all only hope that Square Enix will treat the game we hold so dear, with the care we feel it deserves.

Check out the original trailer below and stay tuned for more on the remake as the news breaks in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII Remake? Hit or miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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