Final Fantasy XV – State of Affairs


It’s been a while…

A massive 9 yeas ago, in 2006 development began on what would end up being Final Fantasy XV, at the time called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Slated for release on the PS3 at the time Versus XIII surely looked impressive. With some stranger design choices including a first person view and lack of a HUD eventually being scrapped, the game still enjoyed a fair amount of press and excitement. Due to the scope of the game and the introduction of eighth generation gaming hardware, the game was later internally re-branded as Final Fantasy XV. Initially a PS3 as well as PS4 version was planned however due to hardware and scale concerns the ps3 version was scrapped and full focus on the next generation development started.




It would be a while before we hear anything about the title again. Full development on Final Fantasy XV started in 2012 and 2013 would give us our first look at a new, fresh and re-branded Final Fantasy XV. It’s been 3 years since development officially fully started on Final Fantasy XV and with the rocky past it’s had, one can’t help but wonder, how things are going?




Surprisingly well apparently. In March this year those who purchased Final Fantasy Type-0 got a free look at the game in the form of a demo name Final Fantasy XV episode Duscae, the first demo in the series since Final Fantasy X. Going even further a free and sizable update was also released in June, adding some more content and refinements. As for the full version? Well, according to programmer Satoshi Kitade on the Final Fantasy XV forums the game has finished pre-beta, meaning it is now playable from start to finish. Kitade went on to say “We’re at the point where we can play the game in its entirety from start to finish,” and “From this, everyone on the development team can get an overall view on the game.”




It seems like the wait may not be too far from over for long time fans of the series. The coming months should see refinement and polishing of the game pre-release. Final Fantasy XV is currently slated for a “sometime in 2016” release. Hopefully a release date will be announced soon. With a brand new battle system that feels like a logical action based progression of the turn based style of yesteryear, stunning visual representation, the type of solid story we have all come to expect from the Final Fantasy series and a seeming lack of good JRPG’s in the current gaming climate, saying we’re excited for this one is a vast understatement.




Stay tuned here for more on Final Fantasy XV as news becomes available and expect streaming to go live the moment the game does via


Check out gameplay and trailers below :





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