Overwatch – All aboard the hype train?



“6v6 Cartoony Chaos”

By now most of you have probably heard of Overwatch, Blizzards latest competitive online multiplayer endeavor. You’ll most likely also remember the first trailer that played out like a scene from a new Pixar film and at the same time set the hype train in motion and I’ll admit, that same trailer got me excited as all hell.

Volskaya_002“Volskaya Industries Map”

So what can we look forward to in Overwatch and what is going to set it apart from all the other competitive shooters our there? Well, for a start, the base setup looks more like a first person version of a MOBA. The key will be how well they design their characters. The one thing in practice Overwatch will share with it’s MOBA cousins is that it will be largely character driven. The characters all have unique personalities and a unique set of skills, as such, success will be largely hinged on how likable and playable each character is.

Map design will also play a role, of course. No matter how good any one character is, if you put them in a badly designed map with no place to show off their unique skills it won’t be an enjoyable experience. And of course as always the shooting mechanics are key, playing an agility based character should feel fast inversely of course playing a strength/Tank character should feel bulky and sturdy. At this stage Blizzard seems to have all the boxes ticked.



Take D.Va for instance, pictured above. This has to be one of the more exciting characters for me in a recent shooter/competitive multiplayer titles. D.Va is basically a one-character Titanfall within another game. Outside of her Mech D.Va is an agility based character with good speed and a single light pistol, still very much capable of taking out an opponent or two. Call down your mech, hop in and D.Va becomes a hard to take down Tank class character with Fushion Cannons, a Defense Matrix capable of shooting down incoming projectiles and boosters for added agility and evasion. That kind of character diversity is what, if anything, will really drive Overwatch to success.


  “D.Va’s Defense Array Hard at work”

A closed Beta for Overwatch is currently under way, if you’re on of the lucky few to enjoy it. No open beta dates have been announced at time of publish. Overwatch is listed on Gamespot for a December 31 release and on a few other sources Q1/Q2  so at this stage it’s pretty much anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t hold my breath for December 31 if I were you though. What do you think of Overwatch? Let us know in the comments below.

Check our the latest Overwatch gameplay from Blizzcon 2015 below :

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