A quick look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


With a release date slated  for 23 February 2016 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is looking to be an exciting follow up to 2008’s surprise hit. So what’s new? What is there worth getting excited or worried about? We had a look.


Other than a craft transition worked in to shorten the video at around 1:47. Not too much. The graphics have taken the exact leap you would expect from 2008 to now. The gameplay looks to be solid as was the case with it’s predecessor. During the clip we did get a look at some more stealthy play rather than just running for you life as well as some of the new combat movements that look absolutely gorgeous. The one thing Catalyst seems to be missing at the moment, is a breakthrough mechanic of some sort. We all wanted more from Faith and her story, but will that and updated visuals and movement be enough? Is there some game mechanic or aspect that is going to blow our minds that we aren’t seeing yet? We’ll have to wait a bit longer for February 23 to find out.

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