Ubisoft @ E3 2015

It’s time for Ubisoft to show what they have for this year and off we go!


We start of with South Park : The Fractured But Whole. Yup. Good. A continuation of the previous South Park title,  The Stick of Truth.

After that we got For Honor, the surprise announced multiplayer medieval fighter with some gorgeous graphics to boot.

Focus now shifting to the Crew. A short video clip with a bike riding through a field and on screen comes “The Crew : Wild Run” a new expansion for the open world online racing game.

Next up we get a cat riding a unicorn through fire and rainbow. No, I am not kidding. Yes, that was literally what was in the video. The Game : Trials Fusion – Awesome Level Max. Cat’s and unicorns. That’s what we get this time around apparently.

The words most fans would have been waiting for hits the screen : Tom Clancy’s : The Division. A quick chat on stage about the game and we’re getting introduced to “The dark zone” and area where you can apparently work with or agains other agents. The Division looks as amazing as ever. The gameplay starts slow and tense, familiar voices from previously gameplay videos resonate through the E3 hall. The trailer seems to heavily stress the choice of working with or against other groups of agents. The squad run into some other agents and end up working with them agains a common foe. Some mention of enemies being “elite” and not pulling “aggro” bring the standard mom format to mind and with it questions about game mechanics and how there systems will work. The 3 man team from Ubisoft betray there newly found comrades in order to steal their loot and in turn right after one of theirs turns on them showcasing the loosely based grouping system and betrayal in the game. We hear some more info on the coming betas as well as finally a March 8 2016 release date.

That’s it for the division for now. Moving on we get a look at the latest instalment in the Anno series, Anno 2055. Seemingly bridging the gap between the moon and earth the trailer shows ships flying between the two connecting impressively built cities. A short gameplay video follows and that’s it for Anno.

Moving on we have Just Dance 2016 and everything that goes with it. The key difference from previously being that with the new addition you will now be able to play the game without a camera connected to your console, somehow apparently your smartphone can now perform the function of controller for Just Dance 2016. Up on stage is a frankly weird and weak performance from Jason Derulo, but hey, it’s what we’ve come to expect from Ubisoft by now.

Something a bit darker pops up on screen. Guns, labs, drugs etc. And impressive showing for Rainbow Six : Siege. Setting a serious tone for the game somehow showing that Ubisoft is a bit more serious about this one than some of the other offering of E3 2015 so far. Along with the usual slew of Ubisoft suedo-celebrities and celebrities to hit the stage is Angela Bassett. Finally someone that actually has something to do with gaming hits the stage, we get a talk through some mechanics in Rainbow six as well as a live on stage gameplay demo. The gameplay demo starts off slow and tactic however quickly turns rather chaotic. Siege looks to be a refreshingly tactical experience compared to most action based first person shooters out at the moment.

TrackMania hits the screen with a brand new console rendition. It’s everything you would expect from a trackmania game, catch the trailer and gameplay below.

Assissins creed syndicate gets a turn next. After the disappointment of Unity this is a game that has a lot to prove. And let’s hope it does, with such an impressive trailer to kick off what they have to show, you can’t help but want to get behind it.

Yves Guillemot jumps back onstage for one last announcement.Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. A massively open world game that looks tactical and gorgeous. Check the trailer below


It’s a wrap! We’re all done for Ubisoft for now for E3 2015.

Stay Tuned for more.

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