Microsoft @ E3 2015

After a mammoth showing by Bethesda to set the tone for E3 2015 Microsoft had everything to show come Monday. As we all settle in after the showing, here are some of the key highlights of Mondays press conference :

Kicking off the show is a montage of familiar game character faces both Microsoft exclusive and not Microsoft set the tone for their conference quick. Immediately following the opening montage is a quick look at Halo 5 Guardians, thereafter a quick preview of the new Warzone Multiplayer coupled with it.

After the Halo 5 Guardians showing Microsoft throw in a new console exclusive in Recore, a seemingly story drive shooter of some sort. We’ll have to wait for more info on that one.

And then, just as we’re all settling in and getting used to the break neck pace of this years E3 showing by Microsoft they decide to blow any Xbox fans mind. Backwards compatibility. In what could be a real game changing move for Microsoft and the current console race, Microsoft announced one of the biggest and most asked for features since the launch of both new consoles. Followed up by some new hardware in the form of the new Microsoft elite controller. A good showing for Fallout 4 by Bethesda which included another ground breaking announcement in that PC created mods will now for the first time be playable on the Xbox one and safe to say Microsoft has set the tone for their E3 showing of 2015.

After that we get the new Ford GT lowered down from the ceiling and a quick showing of Forza 6. Continued upon by an underplayed showing of the amazing looking Dark Souls III immediately flowing into a new trailer for the much anticipated Tom Clancy’s : The Division and the sure to be welcome ( To Xbox fans at least ) news that an exclusive Beta for The Division will be hitting Xbox One this December. Next we hear a bit about Rainbow Six : Siege and the news that some free older Rainbow Six titles will be accompanying it.

Next we receive a quick look at a free to play titled quickly followed by a montage of both upcoming and current indy games. No doubt in an attempt to once again assure fans that Microsoft has learnt it’s lesson when it comes to indy developers. A few indy devs then take to the stage to showcase some of their new work, slowing down the pace of the conference for the first time.

Next we get some solid gameplay from the new Tomb Raider instalment with the same amazing hair animation and quicktime events we’ve come to expect from the last instalment. Next up on stage is the retro-esque 30in1 rare collection which is sure to tickle the fancy of some old school gamers. Following the retro showing was a world exclusive first look at a new title by Rare studios, Sea of thieves looks set to be a swashbuckling adventure with some seemly MMO elements. With names floating above the heads of players, we are left to wonder the rest for ourselves. Flowing straight into the next trailer as has been the norm for Microsoft this year is a showing of the free to play title Fable Legends. We’ve seen a fair bit of Fable Legends up until now so a quick new trailer and we’ll have to make due. Followed by a quick talk on stage about fable and once again cross compatibility with Windows 10, also a much mentioned topic at the conference this year. Next we get some more talks on Oculus and it’s partnering with Microsoft as well as a partnership will Valve VR.

Time for Hololens to hit the stage. Confirming popular speculation and no doubt the hopes of millions, we get our first look at Minecraft running on the Hololens architecture. No doubt an impressive showing, whether or not you’ll be able to play in the hololens “god mode” remains to be seen however. Starting off on a on-wall screen projected by hololens and continued onto my newly name “god-mode” made for an interesting showing none the less.

From the calm, crafting and building heavy plains of minecraft we get thrown straight into the head splitting action of Gears 4 with a graphically impressive, gameplay heavy showing from developer Epic games. Long time fans of the series we’re undoubtedly thrilled to finally receive a showing of the new instalment, however absent of Marcus Fenix or not. Gears 4 is set for a holiday 2016 launch at this stage.

Ending off with a relatively short speech by Phill Spencer promising more at an event in August and we’re done for Microsoft Conference at E3.

Stay tuned for a quick-fire recap up on the site within the coming hours.

For now, that’s all from us for Weekly Level Up.

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