Here’s what’s happening at E3 this week


It’s that time of the year again, the one week that the most anticipated games of the coming months are announced. Here’s where and when you can catch the highlights :


  • Bethesda – June 14 – 7PM PT / 2AM GMT

Strong start to a promising year with the Bethesda E3 conference behind us. Catch a quick round-up of highlights here :

Bethesda E3 Quick Roundup


  • Microsoft – June 15 – 09:30AM PT / 04:30PM GMT

Microsoft is promising a robust and more gamer focused showing at this years E3. There is no doubt that Microsoft lost E3 2013 with the Titanic of the console announcements, and not the movie successful movie, the unsuccessful boat. The rage that followed E3 2013 for Microsoft has not quieted down completely by 2014 either and with a meagre amount to show at E3 2014 Microsoft has some ground to make still. That being said the hate is dying down, Xbox One sales are up and with the amount of work being put into it the console is slowly becoming somewhat endearing. Microsoft will have it’s work cut out for it at E3 this year trying desperately to win back some more fans. With the amount of titles at the show they may pull it off. We’ll have to wait and see.


Livestream :


  • EA – June 15 – 1PM PT / 8PM GMT

Having been voted the worst company in America multiple times now, is it time for EA to make a change? Who knows, what we do know is we can expect more of the same from EA for E3 2015. EA conferences may not be ground breaking, but they do announce some of the biggest titles every year. Here is some of what we will probably see from EA :

Fifa 16

Madden NFL 16

NBA Live 16

NHL 16

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Star Wars BattleFront


LiveStream :


  • Ubisoft – June 15 – 3PM PT / 10PM GMT

With Watchdogs falling short of what was expected and Assassins Creed : Unity being more bug prone than most gardens it may be a rough year for Ubisoft. They do have some possible aces however. Rainbow Six Siege is sparking widespread interest and of course we can’t throw away the chance that The Division might steal the whole show again.


LiveStream :


  • Sony – June 15 – 6PM PT / June 16 – 1AM GMT

The perpetual motion from 2013 carried strong into 2014 for Sony and another decent showing kept that ball rolling. E3 2015 will be all about keeping in the good books of gamers. There’s no doubt Sony has had the upper hand in the current console race, but now Sony will want to keep it strong. With the underdog Microsoft working hard at updating and ensuring it can win some fans, things have been a bit quieter over at the Sony camp. E3 2015 for Sony will be all about cementing that lead and exciting their loyal and growing following.

LiveStream :


  • Nintendo – June 16 – 9AM PT / 4PM GMT

There’s no doubt that Nintendo has been dwindling in gaming over the past few years. New Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros and the resurrection of the Nintendo World Championship are all on the cards no doubt, but what about NX and quality of life? That remains to be seen.

LiveStream :


  • Square Enix – June 16 – 10AM PT / 5PM GMT

Yes, in their first ever E3 press conference. What can we expect? Well, by the looks of the Hype Video below, Just Cause 3, Deus Ex : Mankind Divided, Dragon Quest Heroes and Life is Strange will all make an appearance. As for the two we all want to see, I wouldn’t expect a lot more than an update on Final Fantasy XV and I would not expect anything on Kingdom Hearts 3.

LiveStream :


  • PC Gaming Show – June 16 – 5PM PT / June 17 – 12AM GMT

AMD and PC Gamer will be in charge of this one. Another first for E3, let’s see what this brand new PC only conference has in store for us. Blizzard will also be making an appearance here.

LiveStream :


Of course I will be posting breakdowns of all those as they happen so stay tuned.

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