EA @ E3 2015

EA is up and ready to show what they got for the near and not so near future.

Need for speed get’s things going, and it looks good. Fans have been begging to get back into a more underground/underground 2 feel and it seems like it might be here.

A new Star Wars the old republic expansion titled Knights of the Fallen Empire for those still interested.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 goes up next and we get a decent look at some of the new content.

NHL 16 and NBA Live 16 show us exactly what we would expect from them.

Pele hits the stage for a short chat about “The beautiful game” and we’re off to check out Fifa 16. New game techniques including defines, midfield tradition and striking are amongst the talking points, as wall as some reference to motion capture and difficulty settings. Women’s teams also join the game for the first time ever in a Fifa title.

Straight after we’re treating to one of my most anticipated games of E3 2015, Mirrors edge. I would have to make due with a short trailer for now it seems however as this splits straight into a Madden NFL Trailer and on stage chat. A brand new game mode, draft champions, similar to fantasy football is the key talking point for the first few minutes. Some brief chatting about new game mechanics including passing and defensive play and that’s it for Madden for now.

It’s time for a chat about Frostbite engine and the new Star Wars : BattleFront. The screenshots during the talk looks as beautiful as everything else we’ve seen for Battlefront so far. And finally, as we’ve all been waiting for, we finally get some gameplay footage, and it does not disappoint. True to what we have been hearing and seeing the game looks absolutely amazing. Graphically it is spectacular. The gameplay in battlefront looks more than solid for a game thus far in it’s production cycle. The only thing left to speculate is whether or not actual game content will leave fans wanting, this much at least, remains to be seen. Thus far at least, Battlefield looks extremely promising. The final gameplay scene showcases Luke and Vader in a slight standoff and will leave any long time fan wanting more.


And that’s a wrap for EA and E3 2015.


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